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The perfect totobet hongkong night: cocktail recipes and decoration tips


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Sitting in a bar, sipping a cool blond and playing a good game of totobet hongkong – what could be nicer. In a poker lounge, all this is possible in a nice atmosphere and with changing events.

Poker has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years and is also enjoying growing popularity through television broadcasts. Of course, you can’t just put your cards on the table and get started in a cozy restaurant.

Fortunately, some establishments have recognized the spirit of the times and combined a cozy bar and lounge concept with the game of poker.

The concept of the poker lounge

While poker is just one of many games in casinos, for example, or you practice the whole thing alone on your home computer, for example via PartyPoker, the poker lounge is a more comfortable and sociable alternative. The rooms are spacious but manageable and, apart from the typical character of a bar, the poker tables should not be missing there. Ideally – such as in the Pokerlounge Berlin – these are then also equipped with the necessary drink holders.

Poker is practiced here as a sport. That’s why there are always tournaments, at the end of which the top-ranked players are rewarded with non-cash prizes from the so-called prize pool.

For all those who want to be infected by the gaming fever and emotions, but do not yet know how things work, there is the opportunity to learn everything worth knowing and necessary about the game in poker courses.

Essential rules and other services

The concept of the poker lounge is still relatively new and therefore you will not find it very widespread, for example in comparison to the numerous gambling halls. Which is also due to the not uncomplicated negotiations with the authorities.

No profits may be made from gaming operations in the poker lounge. The lounge is financed by its catering business and the range of services it offers. All cash games are therefore illegal and the chips cannot be exchanged for cash at the end.

So if you’re expecting men in suits with wads of money in front of you, you won’t find anything there. The audience is a diverse mix, made up of young and old, real poker fans and curious spectators. In addition to the usual tournament poker, there is also the opportunity to organize company or family celebrations in the poker lounge. In addition to the poker courses offered, even beginners can book an evening for themselves where the rules, tricks and the course of the game are explained to them in peace and quiet.

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